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Few additions to your landscape will have as much impact as a garden pond. Relax with the sight and sound of flowing water as it splashes down a waterfall. Escape from the stress of everyday living while watching your fish peacefully swim through the water. This private retreat is complete with beautiful water lilies, cattails, and other plants that only a water environment will allow.
We are proud to offer the MicroPond® system from Aquascape™. These complete systems have taken all of the guesswork out of the components needed for a quality pond that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Ideal for a front yard water feature or wherever the public can readily access it and safety is a concern.
A pondless® waterfall has the wonderful sight and sound of flowing water without the pond. Although you won’t have water lilies, many aquatic plants are still an option with a pondless® waterfall. The easiest water feature you will ever care for, these self-contained systems are virtually maintenance free.
The MicroPondless™ system by Aquascape™ makes installation fast and easy. All components are already properly sized to make a beautiful waterfall.


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