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Whether pouring a patio, dog run, shed pad, or a strip under your fence, U-Cart trailer-hauled concrete makes small concrete projects easy and affordable.

Our small trailers also allow you to get to places where a ready-mix truck may not have access without the use of a concrete pump, such as in backyards, down narrow alleys, over soft ground or even across light bridges.

We have both basic and motorized trailers. Basic trailers are great for projects that aren’t very far away and you can pour directly into your forms. For a small additional charge you can use one of our motorized trailers. Motorized trailers have a small gasoline engine that powers a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system both turns the concrete over and tilts the trailer for you. These trailers keep the concrete mixed to prevent settling if you have a long way to drive to your project. If you have a lot of wheelbarrow work to do, a motorized trailer will keep the concrete fresh and pour easily into your wheelbarrow.

U-Cart trailer-hauled concrete works around your schedule. In most cases you can come in and pick up your load when you are ready. There are no short load fees or extra charge for pouring on a Saturday.

Our trailers have a full three hour rental time*,.So the is no need to rush to your project, dump the load, and rush back to avoid running out of time. If you are unable pick up your concrete until late in the day our basic trailers can even go out overnight*.

You can pick up as little as 1/4 yard or as much as two yards in a single trip with a properly sized and equipped vehicle*. If you need more than two yards you can simply return for another load with the same trailer. We do not make you wash out or switch trailers between loads, although a quick rinse will make final cleaning easier. If you finish within your three hour time limit there is not an additional rental fee either.

You can also rent the tools you will need at very reasonable prices. All tool rentals are for 24 hours, no rush to return them. Tool rental is just $4 a day for hand tools or $10 a day for long handle tools.

*RENTAL TIME: Motorized trailers are due back in three hours or before business close, whichever comes first. This means if you pick up a motorized trailer one hour before the close of business for the day, you must have the trailer back and clean in one hour. No discount or refund is given for shortened rental time.
*OVERNIGHT: Non-motorized trailers can be taken overnight if picked up within three hours of the close of business for the day. They are due back within the first hour of business on the next business day. Be aware you will be completely responsible and liable for the trailer until it is returned, This includes damage or theft.
*VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS: As a general rule of thumb a ¾ ton full size pickup with a class 3 hitch can pull up to two yards. A ½ ton full size pickup with a class 3 hitch can pull up to 1 ½ yards. Smaller vehicles and bumper hitches vary greatly in how much you can tow. We will help you to determine how much you can safely tow but you are ultimately responsible for knowing what your vehicle is capable of safely towing.
Other terms and conditions apply.