Care & Maintenace of your new ornamental concrete
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Fountains and birdbaths are at greater risk of winter damage because they hold water. Make sure they are drained and have a chance to dry out before it freezes (unless using a heater in a birdbath). If standing water is allowed to freeze in a bowl there is a significant chance it will break. If the bowl is still saturated when it freezes it can cause internal damage and greatly shorten the life of the piece. Cover the bowls to keep rain and snow from accumulating. Be sure your cover is tented to allow runoff..
Keep your bowls clean with Water Feature Maintenance™, Feature Scale Free™, and Feature Foam Free™ by Aquascape™.
Apply a fresh coat of sealer once a year before winter. Sealer can be easily applied with a spray bottle and is available in 8 or 16 oz bottles.

Flower pots are similar to fountains and birdbaths because they can hold water if the drain hole gets plugged. Proper precautions should be taken to avoid accumulating water. They should be covered and tented for runoff before the onset of freezing temperatures. The soil does not need to be removed from the pot.

Statues and benches should be sheltered from snow and rain in winter. They will withstand the freezing temperatures so if they are under a patio roof or other structure they will winter over well. If they are out in the open they should be protected by moving them under a shelter or covering with plastic sheeting secured to the ground by stakes or weights. Not protecting them from rain and snow will shorten their life considerably. They should never be left under eaves or other places where runoff will hit them.